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Garage Floor Resurfacing

What separates us from the competition in our garage floors:
We do extensive crack repair; our crack repair is 5 times stronger than the concrete on the floor. We use a super strength epoxy bonding agent mixed with sand to start the crack repair. Then we use a modified epoxy with mesh for major cracks. Then we skim coat over the top of this to hide the mesh. We do quality work for a reasonable price. We cannot guarantee that the concrete wont crack but we bond the concrete back together better than new condition. It takes a broken piece of concrete and makes it all one piece again. Then we overlay the concrete with a 5-part epoxy blend and use dura-fleck chips on top of the blend. Then we sand the entire surface. And then give it one coat of the epoxy blend to give the floor a long-lasting finish. Our product is not the poly urethane which everyone else is using, our product is better stronger than what the competition is using.

Call us today our crack repair is only two dollars a linear foot unless the concrete is lifted. We would love to come give you an estimate and make your concrete look better than ever.

For more information on garage floor resurfacing and Servant Industries, please take the time to call in and book a consultation as soon as possible.

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