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World-Class Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration requires meticulous attention to detail, seasoned professionalism, and a world-class team. Servant Industries services your concrete renovation using the best materials in the industry for all concrete restoration needs.

With a proven vision, committed team, and robust list of concrete resurfacing services, it's the best fit when you're ready to increase your homes' curb appeal, make your driveway look like new, or give your patio a face-lift.
Services Include:


Servant Industries is heavily focused on offering a comprehensive solution backed by the highest training and knowledge around. We're able to deliver what we promise- period. Concrete resurfacing has to be handled with care and should only be performed by experts.

Our concrete resurfacing specialist will take the time to analyze every inch of the concrete before getting down to work. This will include a robust inspection and a detailed restoration once the project begins. All of our specialists on the team are certified, insured, and ready to deliver exceptional results from day one.


concrete resurfacing

One of the main priorities for a concrete repair project is its finished result. The concrete has to shine, remain durable, and look the part as soon as the team has completed the restoration. Servant Industries is dedicated to offering a solution that's not only durable but will be visibly customized based on your specific requirements.

All of this information is shared during the consultation along with how we're going to work with you throughout the project. This will include how the concrete is going to look, the materials that will be used, the project timeline, and how long the concrete will last once everything is done.

Modern Equipment

Servant Industries is proud of its high-quality concrete renovation services and only uses the finest restoration equipment available. With years of dedicated experience and an impressive collection of tools, machinery, and affordable, yet effective products. Servant Industries stands out for all the right reasons.

Fast Results

Want fast results and a seamless solution?

Our team is committed to offering a detailed timeline as soon as the consultation begins. A specialist will break down how the process is going to work and how long it will take as soon as the first step is taken. This ensures that you'll feel good about your concrete restoration project and how long it will take to complete.

Friendly Service

There is nothing more important than customer service and that includes concrete restoration projects. Each client is treated with respect and will be welcomed by a specialist immediately.

For more information on concrete restoration and Servant Industries, please take the time to call in and book a consultation as soon as possible.


Expansion Joint Repair - No one has products like we do! Our products are hardy and will last forever. Save money at $4/sqft for expansion joint repair.

Call on Servant Industries for all your concrete restoration and repair needs.